Virginia’s war on Prescription Drugs.


Virginia is taking steps to quell an ongoing problem with prescription drug abuse. Accidental deaths from prescription drugs have become the second leading cause of death, behind car crashes. The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention of Danville has made this growing problem its target and is working with local law enforcement to solve it. They have established a 24/7 unused prescription drop-off at the Danville Police Department. Danville is one of the only towns in the state with a drop-off location that is always open.

There has also been success reducing the number of prescriptions written for the community by working with local doctors and pharmacists. Many pharmacies now call doctors to confirm that prescriptions are legitimate before filling them. Doctors have also become much more conscious of the need to protect their prescription pads to keep them out of the hands of those addicted to medications such as painkillers or anti-anxiety drugs.

Locally, the Danville prevention organization has been focused on educating parents on the signs of prescription drug abuse to watch for and how to educate their kids on the dangers of drug abuse. This drug education has proven to be extremely effective in preventing drug abuse.

“Our message to parents is to include in those conversations to youth prescription drugs and to encourage them to lock, monitor and secure any medications in their homes,” Oakes said.

Young adults and teens often think that abusing prescription drugs is safer than illicit drugs because prescription drugs are legal and prescribed by doctors. But this is not actually the case. When a person takes a prescription drug not prescribed for them, they open the door to serious harm. 

The number of prescription drug overdoses shows just how dangerous abusing these drugs is. Drug education is vitally important. The staff here at Narconon Louisiana would like to extend their help to the people of Virginia. We offer free drug education on the signs of drug abuse for all drugs and we also offer free referrals to treatment centers. Please call us today. It would be our pleasure to assist you in finding a treatment center to help you or a loved one.

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse:

  • Traveling long distances to see a doctor
  • Seeing multiple doctors or having prescriptions from multiple offices
  • Poor memory
  • Slurred speech
  • Dilated pupils
  • Being depressed, tired, aggressive, agitated, paranoid or suicidal
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Spending a lot of time alone
  • No longer caring about appearance and cleanliness
  • Quality of schoolwork, grades or job performance decline
  • Sleep patterns are off, for example, sleeping during the day and staying up all night or for days at a time
  • No longer caring about family rules or curfew