Virginia Takes Stand against Drug Problems

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As heroin problems increased in the northeast, Attorney General Mark Herring of Virginia took a stand. Herring announced plans to combat the growing problem and start motion towards a solution.

Legislative, prosecutorial, and educational efforts will complement and build on the efforts of other state, local, and federal agencies to fight abuse of prescription drugs and heroin.” 

Herring offered a five-part plan to address many of the issues contributing to the rise in Virginia’s overdoses. The plan includes changes in legislative policy as well as increases in drug prevention and education. The Attorney General is also planning a two-day seminar to discuss further actions to combat this growing problem.

A key part of this plan is making it easier for state authorities to suspend or revoke the licenses of doctors who overprescribe addictive medications. It has become clear that many individuals start using or abusing painkillers and then migrate to heroin if they are not able to get the painkillers they need. Because of the variability in heroin’s potencies, it becomes easy for the addicted person to overdose. 

To help families identify cases of addiction, we’ve listed some signs of prescription pain killer and heroin abuse below.


Signs of Heroin Abuse:

  • Needle marks on arms
  • Rapid loss or gain in weight
  • Inability to stay awake
  • Needles or little baggies
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Ignoring responsibilities
  • Separating self from friends and family

Prescription Painkiller Abuse:


  • Mood swings
  • Disorientation
  • Slurred speech
  • Loose pills
  • Traveling long distances to see different doctors
  • Prescriptions from multiple offices
  • Pills that aren’t prescribed for the person
  • Abandoning hobbies and interests

The staff at Narconon New Life Retreat would like to offer their support. For free drug education materials, referrals, and help finding treatments centers, please call us today.