Police Track Heroin Epidemic to its Root

Police in Vermont tracked a drug dealer back to his source for the drugs he was bringing into the state. Using the dealer’s cell phone signal, they tracked him all the way to Queens, New York where he stocked up on drugs. They followed him as he drove back into Vermont and picked him up as he was meeting another man. Both men were taken into custody, along with 30 grams of cocaine and 90 bags of heroin.

It would be easy to blame New York City,” Baker says, “but it’s much more complicated than that.
The truth is that drug dealers bring drugs into Vermont from several cities in the Northeast, including Boston, Chicago and New York. Due to Vermont’s remoteness, dealers are able to charge much more for their drugs than they pay for them in these major cities which makes Vermont an irresistible target.

The first step in solving this heroin epidemic is educating the public and helping those struggling with addiction find recovery. 

Below, you will find some of the signs of heroin use. Please contact us for free educational materials on the signs of drug abuse for all drugs.

Signs of Heroin Use:

  • Needle marks on arms or legs
  • Tiny pupils
  • Nodding off uncontrollably
  • Itchiness of nose or body
  • Runny nose or watery eyes
  • Complaints of constipation