Orlando Realtor Allegedly Turns Methamphetamine Dealer

Orlando Skyline

Robert Lord Morris, at one time a leading Florida realtor and president-elect of the local realtor association, is currently in jail under accusation of attempting to traffic more than $30,000 worth of methamphetamine via FedEx.

Morris, 48, was charged with drug trafficking and with resisting arrest. Morris was arrested after he claimed a FedEx package that contained about half a pound of crystal methamphetamine disguised inside a bag of Meow Mix cat food.

Morris is a father of four and currently going through a divorce. The couple filed for divorce in April, the same month Morris was charged with possession of cocaine.

The incident highlights the broad scale abuse of methamphetamine and other drugs in our society. Drug dealers and distributors aren’t always street thugs—some are white collar workers or professionals. Crystal meth dealers range from those who see the chance to make a big profit to those who need to support their own addictions.

Unfortunately, although the seizure of such a quantity of crystal meth is a victory for law enforcement officials in Florida, the battle is far from over. For every crystal meth distributor that is caught, many more are still at large. The war on drugs must be supported with education and Florida drug rehabs. Law enforcement support is vital but only one of the many fronts that need attention, in addition to drug treatment availability.

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