New Jersey Governor Opposes Medical Marijuana Law

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie effectively stopped new medical marijuana legislation from going into effect in the state. After receiving a stern warning from federal prosecutors, Christie put the enactment of New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws on hold. The federal warning was sent to every state with medical marijuana laws in effect and stated that states breaking federal law banning marijuana in any form would be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by federal codes.

Now Christie faces a possible lawsuit from the Coalition for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey which is seeking to force his administration to implement the law that passed just before he took office.

Christie wants assurance from the U.S. Justice Department that New Jersey government and workers will be shielded from prosecution under the Controlled Substance Act before he moves forward with implementation of the law.

That assurance may be long in coming, as the Justice Department toughens its stance on medical marijuana distributors, regardless of state law.

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