Mississippi Teen Uses Struggle with Addiction to Warn Others

Conner James, a senior at Petal High School in Petal, Mississippi, tells his story to middle school students in the hopes they’ll avoid some of the pitfalls that he encountered. James originally became addicted to prescription medications at the age of 14 and soon after that, began smoking marijuana. After the pot came Adderall, which according to James’s mother, LeAnne Casiano, “works just like speed.”

Per the Hattiesburg American, James’ addiction continued in spite of being arrested in 2008. His 20-day stay in a juvenile detention center and his participation in a Forrest County Juvenile Drug Court program did little to dissuade him from his self-destructive path.

When  James began huffing gasoline fumes, his mother realized she was dealing with a drug addict. She then enrolled James in a youth drug court program.

James graduated the program in January of 2010 and says that he has been sober ever since.

Now a football player at Petal High School, the 6’7” 293-pound offensive lineman was just awarded a scholarship to play for the local community college. James says that he couldn’t have done it without his family’s help.

It is fortunate that James was able to find a Mississippi drug rehab that accepts minors and was able to help him overcome his addiction. However, not all states have a drug court program, such as the one James enrolled in. Instead of being just another drug addict with no real future, James has his entire life ahead of him.

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