Mississippi Drug Ringleader Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Six members of a drug trafficking organization received their sentencing this week. The group was pretending to be a legitimate trucking company and brought more than two hundred pounds of marijuana into Mississippi. They conspired to distribute the drugs throughout Mississippi before local, state and national authorities shut their operation down.

The ringleader of the organization, Jessie Jerome Hall of Forest, was sentenced to 12 years in prison as a result of a plea bargain that saved him from a life sentence. Hall is a repeat offender and has served prison time on two other occasions for drug offenses perpetrated in Scott County. 

Five other members of his organization were found guilty and sentenced as well. Mississippi authorities touted the arrests and sentencing as progress in saving youth from drug abuse and addiction.

Marijuana is the major gateway drug that helps many young people get started on a road that leads to prescription drug abuse or the use of cocaine, heroin, or crystal methamphetamine. The hundreds of pounds of marijuana that Hall attempted to smuggle and distribute could have ultimately led to untold problems, addictions, and instances of overdose for Mississippi residents.

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