Drug Addiction and Divorce

Women holding wedding ring in tears

Substance abuse in a marriage is like throwing a pebble in a quiet pond. The ripple effect influences everything that is near. Other than the abuser, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy suggests that the person who often pays the greatest price is the spouse or partner.

The cost of substance abuse is more than financial – couples in relationships in which one partner abuses drugs or alcohol are usually far less happy than other couples with marital problems.

Substance abuse in a marriage can easily drive a couple to divorce if no solution to the drug or alcohol use can be found. Drug addiction not only affects the addict, but the family unit as a whole and, of course, the extended family in many cases.

In the beginning, a drug user will attempt to withhold their drug use from friends and family. They will very often become withdrawn and difficult to reason with. As addiction gets more serious, the addict will sacrifice personal integrity, relationships with friends and family, jobs, money, and anything else they may have in an attempt to acquire more drugs or alcohol. A relationship with a spouse becomes volatile, non-existent or often, abusive, especially if the sober spouse tries to get in the way of the drug or alcohol consumption.

The spouse of an addicted person often does not understand why the marriage is disintegrating because many of the signs of drug use are hidden, as is the extent of an alcoholic’s drinking. All they know is that the person they fell in love with has changed. He or she is no longer the same person – he may be selfish, angry, secretive and unfaithful. Large amounts of money may be missing and jobs may be lost. The spouse and children usually take a back seat to the drugs or drinks.

Is there a way for this person to come back to health and love of his (or her) family? There is.

Narconon Louisiana is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on repairing the damage done by addiction. The staff is dedicated to rehabilitating men and women in body and mind. They also focus on the family unit. Significant work is done to provide each person in recovery with the tools to mend relationships with the family.

It is possible to reconnect and to survive as a healthy and happy family. If you or your loved one is dealing with addiction, call our hotline now. Call 1-877-862-4326 for drug abuse treatment.