San Diego Judge Sentences Mexican Drug Smuggler to Life in Prison

City street view in San Diego

A federal judge in San Diego, California sentenced Mexican drug smuggler Jesus Navarro-Montes to life in prison after he ran over and killed a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent.

The agent was attempting to stop Montes using a spike strip when Montes ran over him in his Hummer at a speed of at least 55 miles per hour. Montes worked for a drug trafficking organization that moved drugs through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area into Southern California. Montes was impersonating an off-road enthusiast.

This was not Montes’s first run-in with the Border Patrol. In 2007, Montes was arrested for marijuana trafficking but gained control of a Border Patrol vehicle and fled back to Mexico where he escaped.

Montes’s case highlights the high level of organization of the Mexican cartels smuggling drugs across the border. The profits to be had are so enormous that these criminals have developed highly efficient and well-financed smuggling operations to get their products into the U.S.

These criminal elements will go to any lengths to continue their operations. It’s not possible to simply arrest the problem out of existence.

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