Missouri Awards $7 Million to Drug Task Force

Missouri Department of Public Safety announced today they are awarding grants totaling $7 million to law enforcement officials across Missouri to combat drug-related crimes. These grants will help Missouri communities become safer and stronger by bolstering the state’s multi-jurisdictional drug task force. These funds help the task force fight the battle against drug abuse and drug-related crimes. 

One of their programs, for example, enables law enforcement to eliminate methamphetamine labs. Another program focuses on preventing drug use through education and early intervention. Yet another program created to investigate sexual and domestic abuse. One program that will assist the Department of Public Safety develop crime-fighting strategy.

All told, the grants will utilize $1,340,236 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. You can find a list of these grants at dps.mo.gov.

One ray of sunshine was the funding dedicated to drug abuse prevention education. This could go a long way to ending Missouri’s drug problems in the future.  In addition to drug prevention, families still need access to Missouri drug abuse rehab programs.

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