St. Louis, Missouri Authorities Continue to Fight Methamphetamine

At a time when many state and local authorities throughout the United States are cutting back on their efforts to eliminate methamphetamine labs, Missouri police continue to fight the good fight.

For most communities, cleaning up toxic waste generated by meth cooks is too costly to support without federal funding. But since federal funding has been suspended, local police either have to stop targeting meth labs or come up with another solution.

Missouri is one of a few states that have developed their own programs for meth lab cleanup. The state is ranked amongst the top three for meth lab busts.

Typically, cleanup of a single meth lab costs between $2,500 and $5,000. Once federal funding of meth lab cleanups was cut, lab seizures dropped by more than one third in key meth-producing states. State and local agencies no longer had the funding to send undercover agents to monitor pharmacies for customers trying to buy enough cold medicine to get the chemicals they need to make meth. It could be enough to convince meth cooks that it’s safe to resume operations and get more people addicted to this vicious drug. 

The real answer to the crystal meth problem in St. Louis and other cities around Missouri is effective drug abuse prevention education and Missouri drug rehabilitation programs. Recovery from addiction to meth will lower the demand for the drug.

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