Epidemic In Pennsylvania

A community meeting was called in Grove City, Pennsylvania to discuss the ongoing problem of drug addiction. One father who lost his son to drug addiction made a valid point about the way addiction shows up in a family. It doesn’t appear full-blown overnight, he said. It’s an ongoing battle that eats away at a person day after day until they are heavily addicted. Despite the gloomy message, he also had advice on the best way to combat the problem:

“Do anything we can at this point to help get communication between the children and their parents at home,” Bowser said.

Drug education is a key tool in preventing drug addiction. Parents need to talk with their children about this issue that is destroying communities and families across America. Until it’s explained to them, children have no understanding of what drugs really are and the damage they can do. 

Kids are often exposed to drug use among their peers or they may witness it on social media. Celebrity drug or alcohol use is splashed across the pages of websites and magazines. Without any prior education on the subject, young people can be influenced from these sources and start down a dangerous road.

Despite what parents may think, their parents’ advice and instruction hold a lot of weight with teens. That is why it is essential for parents to be the ones to educate them about drugs before they learn the hard way. 

Narconon Riverbend Retreat is dedicated to providing drug education to the public. We offer free drug education materials on the signs of drug abuse for all drugs. Please contact us if you need drug education materials or if someone you know is struggling with drug addiction.