Arizona Copes With Sophisticated Drug Smuggling Operations

Arizona Landscape

Members of Mexican drug cartels have been using sparsely populated Indian reservation land in order to traffic a high volume of illegal drugs into Arizona and the U.S.

Mexican Drug Smugglers Scouting Arizona Mountains

Their operation involves more than two hundred scouts positioned throughout Mexican mountains facing Arizona territory. The scouts use night vision goggles and binoculars to detect the presence of agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol or Drug Enforcement Administration. Spotters use sophisticated, encrypted radios to communicate with one another and avoid being caught.

For a significant portion of the 75-mile stretch of Native American land bordering Mexico, all that acts as a barrier is a low wooden fence that acts as scant deterrent to illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. Many of the residents of this Native American reservation have land holdings on both sides of the border and cross the border daily. In this region, the federal government does not have the permission of the tribe to build the same border fence found in other areas. The traffickers exploit this vulnerability by running drugs through their reservation.

All-New Levels of Drug Trafficking in this Area of Arizona

Federal agents working on this case have reported that the amount of drug smuggling occurring in this area of Arizona has reached new high levels, creating a dangerous situation for residents in the area who are uninvolved with the smuggling.

The Real Issue

Until America deals with the drug problem on its own soil—with effective rehabilitation for those who have lost their way and broad scale education for those who haven’t yet been touched by addiction—there will continue to be a huge demand for illegal drugs that Mexican drug cartels will do anything to satisfy.

As is evidenced by the sophistication of this operation, the drug cartels will go to any length to get drugs across the border and into the United States.


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