South Bend, Indiana to Enforce Ban on Synthetic Marijuana

Last year, South Bend, Indiana’s county prosecutor sent a formal request to convenience stores throughout South Bend, requesting they refrain from selling synthetic marijuana. Nicknamed K2 or Spice and branded with many different names, the drug is purchased for effects that are somewhat similar to cannabis. Some store owners quietly ignored the prosecutor’s request. 

Thanks to a bill signed into law by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, it’s now a criminal act to sell or possess synthetic cannabinoids in all Indiana cities, including South Bend. 

Law enforcement officials in South Bend were interviewed by the South Bend Tribune about the prevalence of synthetic marijuana in the county. While it does not seem to be an epidemic, police cite difficulty in identifying the drug. They have no testing system in place, and it can literally take weeks to prove that a certain substance is indeed a synthetic cannabinoid. In such cases, the tests must be sent it to a lab for verification.

Regardless of the legality of synthetic drugs, they pose a serious threat to public and individual health. Their use leads to addiction, just like alcohol or any controlled substance. If you know someone who needs help with drugs, our South Bend, Indiana drug rehab resources can be of assistance.

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