Indianapolis Customs Agents Intercept Drug Paraphernalia

U.S. customs agents posted in the FedEx hub in Indianapolis use modern technology to outsmart foreign smugglers trying to ship in glass marijuana pipes called ”bongs” and other drug paraphernalia.

It is illegal to ship drug paraphernalia into or out of the United States, but legislation does little to deter foreign merchants from trying to ship in bongs and pipes.

Indianapolis customs agents report that the paraphernalia importers will falsify the cargo manifest, saying that what they are shipping is different from the illicit contents. Customs agents catch them by using high-tech x-ray and radiation equipment.

While it’s important to keep deterrents in place to prevent these products from entering the country, it’s obvious that this tactic alone will not make much of a dent in the U.S. drug problem. 

The real answer to drug trafficking and addiction is effective rehabilitation and prevention before young people can start using drugs. The war on drugs will be won not through gun battles and package seizures but through these measures. 

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