Alabama Teen Drug Use Rates Higher than National Average

Map of Alabama

According to a recent nationwide survey of students, Alabama teenagers are more likely to have used drugs or alcohol than their peers in other states.

One-fifth of Alabama students in grades 6 through 12 admitted to using alcohol in the past month and more than ten percent admitted to using illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or amphetamine.

The Birmingham News quoted Carissa Anthony, who heads up a local community safety coalition, as saying that marijuana legalization may be “breaking down psychological barriers and making marijuana appear less harmful than it is.”

All of these statistics make it clear that drug and alcohol abuse are an increasing problem in Alabama. If our younger generation is using drugs and alcohol so frequently, we can only expect the problem to get worse as they get older.

The media, television and movies are all broadcasting a message that says that drug and alcohol abuse is okay. In some films, drug abuse is even cast in an attractive light. These facts could have as much to do with the increase in drug abuse as the legalization of medical marijuana.

In response to these survey results, Alabama authorities would be wise to review the effectiveness and funding of their existing drug education programs. If high school students don’t know the real dangers of drug abuse, they are far more likely to start using drugs. That path could lead them to an Alabama drug rehab.

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