Illinois Drug Ring Busted

The suspicions of many investigators were confirmed when $5 million cash and a large quantity of drugs were seized in Chicago during several drug busts. Federal investigators had suspected for months that Mexican cartels were using Chicago as their base of operation to distribute drugs. Due to its central location and proximity to other large cities on the east coast, Chicago was always a promising candidate. 

Starting Monday, federal and local law enforcement apprehended 14 of the 22 people listed on their arrest warrants. The 14 were taken to jail while the remainder were still being sought.

Monday’s raids follow the April 2013 arrest of Victor Mata Madrigal, 37, of Lombard, who allegedly imported wholesale amounts of cocaine and marijuana from Mexico into Chicago for distribution.

That Monday, the police confiscated $4 million in alleged drug money from members of Madrigal’s organization. They alleged that Madrigal had continued to run the operation while being locked up. 

Though these arrests are a big accomplishment for law enforcement and hopefully have made a dent in the drug dealer’s ability to harm the public, there is still much to be done. Drug abuse is an increasingly damaging problem for Americans of all ages. One thing is clear: something needs to be done.

The first step is to increase drug education as that has been proven to be very effective as a method of drug prevention. We offer free drug education materials on the signs of drug abuse for all drugs. To receive free information or if you or one of your loved ones is struggling with addiction, please call us today.