Drug-Smuggling Tunnel Reaches from Mexico to Arizona

According to Fox News, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials discovered a tunnel built specially for drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States. The concealed tunnel, whose entrance was only three square feet, ran from a Mexican drainage system into Nogales, Arizona. The police also caught two men who were trying to make their way back into Mexico after a drug run and found a thousand pounds of marijuana with a street value of almost half a million dollars.

Officers began to investigate the drainage system under this border city after voices were heard coming from it the prior day. Shutting down this operation is a hard-won advancement in the fight to keep Americans from becoming drug users.

Criminals in our society will go to any lengths, including digging out tunnels to cross the border, in order to make the millions of dollars possible from drug trafficking. The problem with the discovery of one tunnel and a few employees is that there are other tunnels being built and other people willing to work for the cartels.

The real answer to the problems of drug abuse and drug trafficking is effective drug education and rehabilitation. By preventing people from beginning to use drugs in the first place, and by providing effective help to addicts, it’s possible to gradually lower the demand for drugs.

The state of Arizona needs effective Arizona drug abuse rehabs backed up by a statewide, proven drug education program. That’s the solution to Arizona’s drug crime problem, plain and simple.

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