Drugs Discovered Washed up on Texas Coast

According to the Houston Chronicle, drugs have been washing up on the Texas coastline at least once a month for the past year.

The finds range from an 800-pound shipment of marijuana to a 24-kilogram packet of cocaine. Most recently, a Galveston, TX resident discovered a bag of cocaine bricks weighing almost forty pounds.

This drug debris washing up on Texas shores is a sign that drug trafficking is increasing in the Gulf as security tightens along the Mexican border. Drug traffickers in Mexico are taking to the seas as an alternative to sneaking through underground tunnels or evading Border Patrols.

Drug trafficking by boat can be difficult to detect. Sometimes Mother Nature gets involved, sending storms that capsize drug trafficking boats. And thus their shipments can wind up on Texas shorelines. 

Texas drug rehabilitation centers know that the drug abuse problem in Texas continues to grow, as drugs continue to flood into the state from the Mexican and South American sources. Mexican black tar heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine are all causing problems for Texans.

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