Report on Drug Abuse in Arlington, Texas

Recently, there was a big shakeup in the political arena of Arlington, Texas. Councilman Mel Leblanc of Arlington resigned and will not seek a fourth term in office. This resignation came after he obtained drugs from prostitutes he contacted through online escort service. 

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Leblanc missed several council meetings last spring before admitting that he was getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Leblanc said he had recently relapsed after being sober for more than 20 years.

The newspaper also reported that the police seized about a gram of methamphetamine and a glass pipe at Councilman LeBlanc’s home in July during a domestic disturbance call. LeBlanc was investigated but not indicted at that time.

What is crystal meth?

Crystal meth is a form of methamphetamine, a white crystalline drug that can be snorted, smoked or dissolved and injected. It’s an illegal drug in the same class as cocaine and other stimulants. It creates a false sense of happiness and well-being plus strong feelings of confidence and energy. Some people start using the drug to lose weight because it kills the appetite. Effects can last up to 24 hours.

It’s sometimes nicknamed crank, chalk or speed. It’s most commonly found in nightclubs and party venues. 

Crystal meth is readily available in the town of Arlington, Texas. To help those seeking a Texas drug rehab, call us now at 1-877-862-4326.