Houston, Texas Drug Traffickers Sentenced

Two Houston-based drug traffickers have finally been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a large Houston drug trafficking ring.

Between 2008 and 2010, the ring distributed large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine to drug users in Houston, Beaumont and the surrounding area. Local police, Texas state officials and the Drug Enforcement Administration used wiretaps, undercover buys and other means to bring down 40 members of the ring. More than 50 kilograms of cocaine and 100 pounds of meth were seized as part of the operation. 

All 40 members were subsequently convicted and are being sentenced. These two Houston-based traffickers received sentences totalling 199 months in federal prison.

As long as there are addicts in Houston, Texas, there will continue to be criminals who profit from their pain. The drug problem in Texas won’t resolve until more effective action is taken to help Houston, Texas drug abuse rehabs get Texans sober and drug-free. 

A multi-faceted approach is needed to overcome the drug problem in Texas. Certainly, Texas drug rehabs are part of the solution, along with drug education for youth and continuing law enforcement actions like the one reported here.

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