New Texas Drug Problem: Prescription Drug Sharing at Young Age

KTRE News recently reported that school officials are investigating the allegation of a child handing out prescription medications on a school bus for fourth and fifth grade students.The director of communications for the school stated, “Students will bring medication they found around the house to school and they’re curious about those things. They’ll try to distribute it to their friends and dare them to take it.”

Sharing prescription drugs is recognized by many officials as a first step to the more serious problem of drug addiction. 

The East Texas Coalition against Drug Abuse explained that children may think it’s legal to share prescription drugs. It’s essential that parents are vigilant with medications, locking them away so their children have no access to them.

Texas drug abuse rehab programs may not be prepared for the task of treating elementary school-age drug abusers so it is essential that parents educate their children that no medications should ever be shared, no matter what. 

Counselors at the Narconon Riverbend Retreat recommend that parents be alert to the possibility that their children could be given another person’s prescription on school grounds and take action if any children are acting differently, seem unusually tired, disoriented or confused.

Should you need help talking to your child about drugs, call Narconon Riverbend Retreat for a free copy of their drug education booklets on the truth about drugs. Call (877) 340-3602.