Houston Inhalant Abuse Trend: Freon

A disturbing new drug trend is sweeping through the Houston area: Teenagers stealing Freon from air conditioners and inhaling it for a buzz.

While Freon abuse is an old story, the new way kids are spreading the word about inhalant abuse is through social media. Houston teenagers video themselves inhaling Freon then post these videos on YouTube.

A special report by KHOU TV featured surveillance videos captured by a Houston homeowner that showed local teenagers draining Freon from his air conditioning unit and then abusing it along the side of his house.

Unfortunately, inhalants have the potential to kill abusers each time they are abused. Even if the abuser survives, short and long-term memory loss and brain damage are inevitable results. This is of the most dangerous substances for teens to experiment with because its effects can be so severe and lasting. 

Houston, Texas drug rehabs need to step up programs to educate youth and adults about the dangers of inhalant abuse. The longer this problem goes on, the more kids may be injured or even killed. If Texas teenagers better understand the dangers of inhalants, it is a certain they would be less likely to abuse them.

If your loved one is abusing inhalants, call our hotline now at 1-877-862-4326. Our drug abuse rehabilitation program can help them start a life free from these dangers.