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In Dallas, Texas, drug abuse and addiction are serious problems. If you know someone who needs help with overcoming addiction, we can help them as we already have for many people of Dallas, Texas. At Narconon, a person can recover from addiction without being put on substitute medications. The counselors on our hotline are ready to help you any way they can.

Dallas drug abusers are often in denial about the extent and severity of their addictions. They often do not realize how much damage they and their families are experiencing. In fact, families often need to get help to get their loved one to rehab. If your loved one won’t admit that there is a problem or won’t agree to consider checking onto a Dallas drug rehab, you may need to stage an intervention. During an intervention, a trained drug counselor comes to Dallas, visits with the drug abuser in his home or wherever he is presently staying. The counselor is experienced in drawing out the person’s desire to get sober again. Drug counselors are often successful in obtaining the drug abusers willingness to try rehab. Narconon Louisiana will set up an accredited interventionist for your family member or loved one so that he (or she) has the best chance of getting sober and clean.

Your Life Back

You’ve probably already seen that addiction changes your loved one’s personality completely. His life becomes centered on that next fix. The goals he once had have now faded from view. HIs old friends are not so important to him anymore. Many Collin county residents have unfortunately gotten to this point. The good news is that our effective inpatient drug rehab program serving the Dallas area can salvage your loved one from addiction.

Drug Abuse Facts for Dallas, TX

Alcohol Rehabilitation for Houston

Alcohol is the most commonly abused depressant in Dallas. Nationwide, 2.5 million Americans sought substance abuse treatment concerning alcoholism just in the past year. The trend is the same in Dallas, Texas. People who consume alcohol experience impaired judgment and extended reaction time. A person who drinks to excess risks of injury, sexual assault or even overdose death if enough alcohol is consumed. Many students at the University of Texas at Dallas and other colleges have been rushed to Dallas emergency rooms after episodes of binge drinking. Our drug counselors at Narconon Louisiana have experience with helping Dallas residents overcome alcohol abuse. If you know someone who needs help with alcoholism, call us.

Houston’s Ecstasy Problem

The party drug Ecstasy (MDMA) is frequently abused by Dallas youth. Ecstasy is also called “E,” “Hug,” “beans” and “Adam,” on the streets of Dallas. Some Dallas party drug users take several “E” pills at a time. They call this “bumping,” a synthetic drug, Ecstasy has the liability of probably being mixed with other drugs or chemicals to save the drug dealers money. So you don’t know what you get in that pill. When a person uses ecstasy, he experiences impaired judgment, a false sense of love or admiration, confusion, depression, blurry vision, a distinct feeling of faintness and chills. Long-term users of ecstasy may suffer from permanent brain damage. Many Dallas residents who “just wanted to party” ended up in the emergency room after dehydrating or overdosing while on ecstasy. At Narconon Louisiana, we are one of the most effective centers in the nation at getting drug users off party drugs and other toxins. We can help you turn your situation around.

Dallas Cocaine Rehabilitation Program

Dallas drug abusers refer to cocaine as “snow,” “sniff,” or “coke.” Cocaine is commonly abused in Dallas either in its powder form or in solid rocks known as crack cocaine. Cocaine is produced from the active ingredient in the coca plant and is one of the most highly addictive drugs found in the streets of Dallas. Coke produces a rapid, intense high that fades into an edgy, depressed state that causes its user to crave more. Cocaine abusers may experience a skyrocketing heart rate, spasms and convulsions. Many Dallas families have been torn apart by the paranoia, irrational anger and hostility that coke addiction causes in the user. When a person becomes dependent on cocaine, they routinely become more and more depressed when they use the drug. Some Dallas residents have committed suicide as a result of their out-of-control cocaine habit. Police blame cocaine addiction for the crimes committed in Dallas County. Abusers of cocaine and crack will go to any length to get their next hit of the drugs.

At Narconon Louisiana, we have been helping cocaine addicts in Dallas and the State of Texas overcome their dependence. Cocaine is one of the most difficult drugs to kick, but it is possible to return to a sober life when the causes of your drug use and addiction are addressed in rehab. If you are looking for your best inpatient drug rehab option, contact us.

Houston Crystal Meth Rehab Facility

Commonly smoked, injected or inhaled by Texas residents, crystal meth and methamphetamine have become a serious problem for Houston drug addicts. Houston and other urban areas across the U.S. have had tremendous difficulty coping with the meth problem. Crystal meth, a form of methamphetamine resembling shattered glass or shiny blue-white rocks, is one of the most addictive drugs abused in Houston. Its street names include “ice,” “crystal” and “glass.” Houston residents attending our rehab program have reported getting addicted after just one hit. Its users report difficulty sleeping and periods of hyperactivity, followed by nausea, delusions, irritation and aggressive tendencies. Many drug-related deaths in Houston have been attributed to this drug. Long-term crystal meth abusers have damaged kidneys, livers and lungs, as well as brain damage that results in memory loss and loss of mental function. Crystal meth is in ample supply in Houston, and very easy to find for a drug addict who goes looking for it in Harris County. It is one of the hardest drugs to quit, with a nationwide average of 93% of all meth addicts failing to stay sober no matter what rehab they try. Narconon Louisiana gets results with meth addicts. We’ve helped many Houston, Texas drug addicts with our long-term drug rehab program, and we can help you.

Heroin Drug Rehab For Houston, Texas

Heroin is a highly addictive substance that users smoke, inject, or snort. It’s most commonly injected in Houston. Once introduced to its user’s body, it enters the brain very rapidly, causing impaired judgment and slow reaction time. Heroin abusers in Houston are not only at risk from the drug, they also have to worry about infections of HIV and hepatitis from shared needles. Heroin use is one of the top three causes of drug abuse death in Texas and in Houston in particular. It is also one of the major causes of crime, since habitual heroin use causes a degradation in morality. The addict will break any law necessary to get his next fix. This impaired decision-making is worsened by the clouded thinking caused by heroin abuse.

Heroin users also experience nausea and may even vomit violently. His (or her) body may go numb. Some pregnant women in Houston have taken heroin and suffered spontaneous abortions. When someone is high on heroin, his body slows down and his breathing may stop entirely. Long-term heroin users in Houston have scarred and collapsed veins and blood vessel infections from so much needle use. Heroin addicts have a high mortality rate and are the victims of severe withdrawal symptoms should they try to quit.

Heroin is one of the toughest drugs to quit. If you are seeking a rehab to help your loved one get off heroin, we can help. Our rehab program specializes in getting hard addicts through the difficult withdrawal process, back to health and leading a clean and sober life. Call us for more information. We’ve been successfully rehabilitating Houston addicts for years.

Inhalant Abuse in Houston

Inhalants are referred to on the streets of Houston as “poppers,” “laughing gas,” “whippets,” or “rush.” They are made up of products found in any local workshop, garage or storage shed. Aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, paint thinner, paint, lighter fuel, glue, and nail polish remover can all be abused by inhaling the fumes, called “huffing.” Inhalants directly affect the brain. Such toxins taken nasally or orally have caused permanent mental and physical damage for Houston residents. Not only do Houston inhalant abusers suffer from a loss of the perception of smell, they also suffer damage to kidneys, liver and lungs. Some long-term inhalant abusers in Texas have even lost the ability to walk. If you find that your loved one is abusing inhalants, it’s important to get him or her to rehab immediately. The damage inhalants cause can happen quickly since they have such a direct effect on the brain. Our inpatient drug rehab helps get drug abusers off of inhalants and back to health. If you live in the Houston area and need help, call our hotline now.

Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab for Houston

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, in some areas of Houston, prescription drugs are more often used than illegal street drugs. The problem is that Harris County residents often have the misconception that prescription meds such as painkillers, tranquilizers, antidepressants, stimulants, and sleeping pills are safe to abuse because they are given out by pharmacies and doctors. The truth: prescription drugs are unsafe for anyone who abuses them to get high.

OxyContin is widely abused in Houston because it can produce a similar high to heroin. The little-known fact is that prescription medications can become more addictive than street drugs when abused, leading to painful and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms for habitual users in Houston, Texas. The good news is that we have been helping Houston residents with prescription drug addiction for many years. We can help you or your loved one get free from drug addiction. Call for help now.

Houston, Texas Facts

Houston is America’s fourth largest city and the county seat of Harris County. Originally incorporated in 1837 and named after the president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, Houston is a burgeoning metropolis which is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the U.S. besides New York City.

Cities Near Houston

Not only have we provided rehab services to Houston residents for years. We also serve residents of the following cities:

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