New Delaware Drug Laws Change Focus of Enforcement

Delaware city

According to the Dover Post, the Delaware House of Representatives recently passed several new drug laws that will significantly change the way state authorities handle drug offenses. The laws lean towards rehabilitation of drug users while focusing police efforts on arresting dealers and distributors. Once this new law takes effect, drug traffickers and dealers in Delaware will face stiff prison sentences and felony charges.

The author of the bill, Democrat Melanie George, says the legislation will allow drug court judges to make case-by-case determinations instead of forcing them to impose minimum sentences that could lead to long prison terms for simple drug possession.

It should be noted that the law also increases the penalty for dealing prescription drugs. Illegal prescription drug distribution and abuse has become rampant not only in Delaware but throughout the United States. When an addict feels compelled to continue drug use just to survive, laws do little to change his (or her) mind. Penalties and consequences like damage to relationships, family members, careers and his own health have little effect compared to the overwhelming compulsion to continue using drugs or drinking.

The lasting answer for the Delaware drug abuser is effective Delaware drug abuse rehab. An addict needs help to overcome the physical, emotional and mental aspects of addiction. With the right kind of help, he can end addiction and achieve a productive, enjoyable life once again.

Unfortunately, the current system focuses more on punishment and law enforcement than rehabilitation. Until we help the addicts leave the cravings and guilt behind, we will continue to have high levels of addiction – not just in Delaware but throughout the world.