Report on Drug Abuse in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta skyline in fall

Throughout Atlanta and the surrounding area, the number of unscrupulous pain management clinics has been increasing. These businesses, normally nicknamed ”pill mills,” specialize in handing out prescriptions for addictive drugs in exchange for cash payments, without asking many questions or doing thorough exams.

As nearby states like Florida changed their laws to crack down on these illicit businesses, many have packed up and moved to other states like Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported a steep increase in pill mills and pain clinics in Atlanta strip malls and along interstate highways. Drug dealers and individuals from Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland and Kentucky now visit these Georgia clinics to obtain their pills to use or sell. In 2010—the same year Florida cracked down on pill mills—there was a 10% increase in prescription pill overdoses in Georgia.

Many states like those listed above have databases in effect that track drug tourists—individuals who have valid prescriptions for medication but go to several states to fill the prescription multiple times. The purpose of these databases is primarily to prevent individuals from doctor-shopping—getting new prescriptions for the same medications from different doctors. The state of Georgia finally implemented their prescription drug monitoring program in 2013.

The addict will do anything to get his fix, even if it means driving to another state to get what he needs. Georgia drug rehabs do their best to help but more resources than currently exist in the state may be needed.

If you or someone you love needs help with drug abuse, an Atlanta, Georgia drug rehab resource can help. Call an intake specialist counselor now.