More Georgia Drug Abuse Solutions are Necessary

Georgia outline filled with pills

Recent news has emphasized the need for effective Georgia drug treatment. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia is one of only 16 states with no prescription drug monitoring program. In other states, these programs provide doctors with up-to-date databases they can check to ensure a patient is not getting the same drugs from multiple doctors. If the patient is ”doctor-shopping” this way, a physician can then take action to help the person or at the very least, not enable him (or her) to obtain more drugs.

A few states make it mandatory for a doctor to check this database before prescribing, but most states do not. These databases may also employed by law enforcement as part of investigations of drug abuse or trafficking. Law enforcement must obtain a subpoena before accessing the database.

Unfortunately, once a person has become addicted, prevention is no longer the best cure. The sad reality is that no manner of laws or police enforcement can stop an addict from his habit. Only real drug abuse solutions help a person to overcome his addiction.

Georgia drug abuse solutions include inpatient rehab facilities. Many people need this 24-hour support and supervision, especially in the beginning of their journey to sobriety. Many families specifically look for a rehab program that’s away from the individual’s home so that he no longer has contact with drug-using friends or dealers. Narconon Riverbend Retreat provides such a program with drug abuse solutions and an inpatient program for Georgia residents.