Universal Alcohol ID Checks Proposed in Alaska

Man having licensed checked

A proposed Anchorage, Alaska ordinance suggests universal ID checking before alcohol purchases. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the Anchorage assembly is considering a law that requires anyone to show their ID before they can purchase alcohol.

This law will affect liquor stores and bars but language requiring restaurants to do the same has been dropped.

If the law passes, officials feel that they’ll be able to catch more underage drinkers and more of those who have been banned from alcohol purchases after a drunk driving conviction. Currently, a person with a DUI charge has a red stripe across their ID that shows that they should not be permitted to buy alcohol.

While this bill may be somewhat effective, the truth is that teen alcohol abuse won’t be stopped by requiring ID. As a matter of fact, teens frequently obtain alcohol by getting their older siblings or friends to buy it for them or by simply raiding their parents’ liquor cabinet.

This ordinance is a step in the right direction to keep alcohol out of the hands of people who have shown little responsibility for it in the past. But this move alone will not eliminate the problems of drunk driving or alcoholism.

The real solution for alcohol abuse and drunk driving is effective education of the young to prevent alcohol abuse from starting and rehab for those who have already become dependent on alcohol.

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