Alabama Hosts Prescription Drug Take-Back Event

Map of Alabama

Alabama participated in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day a few weeks ago, and the count of drugs collected is in. More than 1,200 pounds of pharmaceutical drugs were picked up and disposed of by Alabama authorities. The Drug Enforcement Administration has been coordinating this event nationally for the past few years in an effort to reduce the quantity of unused and unneeded prescription drugs in American medicine cabinets. Reduced availability of these drugs should help lower rates of prescription drug abuse, the fastest-growing drug problem in the U.S.

Teens report they are most likely to choose marijuana or prescription drugs as the first drug they use. The present availability of prescription drugs in medicine cabinets makes them an easy option for youth wishing to experiment. Youth often have the misconception that pharmaceutical drugs are safer than street drugs because they’ve been prescribed by a doctor. The truth is that any prescription drug can even be deadly if it’s not used exactly as directed.

While 1,200 pounds of prescription drugs is a considerable quantity of medication, Alabama was not the big winner in this nationwide event. Colorado collected more than ten times that amount and Virginia was a close second at 9,500 pounds.

The Alabama Pharmacy Association participated in this event. A representative for the association stated that they are very interested in helping these Take-Back Days succeed because legally, pharmacies are not allowed to take medications back without the participation of law enforcement officials.

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