Georgia Drug Ring Bust

gun on table of money and drugs

Twenty-one Georgia and Florida residents were recently charged with conspiracy to distribute massive quantities of cocaine and pot. These charges were a result of a joint investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI and other local and national authorities.

Seventeen of those charged were arrested in Brunswick, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Four more conspirators are still at large. Each defendant faces more than 10 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

Seventeen kilos of cocaine, guns, and more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash have been seized by federal and local agents since the investigation began in 2008.

It is suspected that this ring of conspirators was involved in the distribution of cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in Southeast Georgia and the surrounding areas, including Glynn and Camden counties.

Until there are enough effective Georgia drug rehabs, Georgia officials will continue to be swamped with drug crimes. While effective inroads are being made to prevent dealers and traffickers from supplying these illegal substances, something must be done about reducing the demand. Those who have become addicted may have difficulty leaving that habit and lifestyle behind until they get help from Georgia drug rehabs.

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