San Diego Native Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Mexico

Man in handcuffs with packages of cocaine

Mexican federal police have captured an American-born drug lord, San Diego native Armando Villareal Heredia. Villareal has been accused of trafficking drugs from the Mexican state of Sinaloa across the boarder into the United States. Villareal is also wanted in the U.S. on conspiracy and racketeering charges that include murder and kidnapping.

The alleged drug lord had reached the San Diego DEA’s most-wanted list. Mexican and federal authorities believe that Villareal takes his orders directly from the head of the Tijuana drug cartel, Fernando Sanchez Arellano Félix, who took over after the deaths or arrests of the four Felix brothers running the Tijuana Cartel.

This arrest is part of an overall offensive led by Mexican President Felipe Calderon in an effort to reduce drug trafficking and dismantle well-entrenched drug cartels. Critics of the Mexican war on drugs are quick to point out that since Calderon began his offensive five years ago, more than 35,000 people have died. As authorities arrest or kill the leadership of these dangerous cartels, violent turf wars are sparked that leave many dead or wounded. Proponents of the Mexican war on drugs say that the only way that Mexican cities will be safe is if the cartels are taken down.

Much of drug trafficking into San Diego, California and other cities in the region comes from these cartels who cultivate or import these controlled substances into Mexico and then sneak them across the border to be sold in the U.S. for massive profits. The margins are so huge that many criminals risk their lives and freedom for power and money.

Unfortunately, unless something is done to reduce demand, those who supply controlled substances will continue to do so, despite all risks.

The answer to reduced demand is providing effective drug education to U.S. and Mexican citizens before they can get started using drugs. Back this up with effective drug rehabs so those already addicted can recover their sobriety and much progress toward winning the war will be made.

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