Former Miss Russia Goes to New York Drug Rehab

Anna Malova, a former Miss Russia, transferred from jail to a New York drug rehab. Malova was jailed by a New York court for forging painkiller prescriptions.

Malova was a doctor in Russia before becoming a model and moving to the United States. She was charged with attempting to fill faked prescriptions at New York pharmacies on 14 different occasions.

Malova used stolen prescription pads from two New York psychiatrists (one, ironically, an addiction specialist) in order to perpetrate her crimes. The drugs she abused were Vicodin and Klonopin.

Her release from jail after less than two months so she could go to rehab was part of New York’s diversion to treatment program. This program enables nonviolent drug offenders to be diverted to rehab when they obviously committed their crimes because of addiction.

Malova’s drug abuse highlights the growing trend of prescription drug abuse in America. Whether addicts obtain these painkillers and other psychoactive pharmaceuticals through faked prescriptions, drug dealers or the medicine cabinets of friends and family, prescription drug abuse is becoming rampant.

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