New York Police Officer Arrested for Faking Raids on Drug Dealers

A New York police officer just pled guilty to robbing New York City drug dealers. Emmanuel Tavarez was an officer mostly working in the Transit Department of the police force. He used his badge as well as faked ID to assist in fake raids of drug dealers conducted by off-duty police officers. This work resulted in them acquiring hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and more than a million dollars in cash. These unauthorized seizures went directly to the people conducting the illegal raids, not to any government agency or police force.

Tavarez pled guilty to the charges and is now awaiting sentencing. This recent report gives a rare peek into the dark side of our society. This is something the average citizen doesn’t usually get to see. Unfortunately, as long as drug addiction continues, these problems will continue to occur.

Drugs rob a person of their morality and value systems. Drugs turn ordinary people into criminals. The only way to stop this drug-related crime is through education and rehabilitation – education for those drugs have not yet touched, and rehabilitation for those are already caught in the trap so that they might be free. 

Some people would have us believe there’s nothing that can be done for an addict or criminal. “Once a criminal, always a criminal. Once an addict, always an addict,” or so they say. The truth is that you can do something about it. Just because some efforts have failed or because some methodologies don’t work doesn’t mean that there’s no hope.

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