Youth Drug Abuse Stats Rise in New York

According to a recent survey of over 3,000 students in Steuben County, New York, the incidence of drug abuse among youth surveyed was higher than the national average.

The Steuben County Drug-Free Communities Coordinator presented to the findings to the local school board.

Binge drinking was a major problem. Nearly 10% of all eighth graders and nearly 20% of all tenth graders reported binge drinking within the past thirty days. These are 14 and 16-year-old students in a state where the legal age to drink is 21.

Nearly one-third of all tenth graders reported using marijuana at some point in their lives and almost 15% of all eighth graders reported the same.

Binge drinking and marijuana smoking were actually more prevalent than cigarette smoking among New York youth.

These statistics came as a shock to the school board president and other local officials, but they probably shouldn’t have. A massive amount of public funding has gone into the anti-cigarette campaign and the results show in these survey results. However, there’s also massive funding by alcohol manufacturers to portray the drug in a positive light. Very little funding or effort is put into anti-alcohol and anti-marijuana campaigns.

New York youth are getting the message that marijuana and alcohol are acceptable, to the point that nearly one-third are regularly illegally abusing these substances. Something has to be done to provide drug abuse solutions for these youth.

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