Georgia Drug Dealer Gets Heavy Sentence

According to the Telegram, a Georgia drug dealer was recently sentenced to 13 years in a federal penitentiary. The dealer, Feliciano Hernandez Moreno, age 30, hailing from Buford, Georgia, pled guilty on one count of conspiracy to distribute eight pounds of pure methamphetamine

Moreno’s plan to smuggle the drugs from California into Georgia was ill-conceived, because his co-consipirator, Kenneth Sparks, ripped him off and took the truck with the drugs to Massachusetts. Sparks tried to sell the meth but was ripped off. Sparks then went to law enforcement officials and confessed his theft of the drugs.

Both the U.S. DEA and local authorities were involved in the investigation.

This case highlights the fact that Georgia drug rehabs need more backup and funding. The area sees a constant flow of drugs from parts of the U.S. as far afield as California  which tends to make fighting drug abuse a losing battle. The more drugs reach the hands of Georgia residents, the more addicts are created, and the more lives that are destroyed.

Unfortunately, law enforcement alone does not necessarily solve Georgia’s drug problem. As long as there are people still suffering from addiction, there will continue to be criminal elements in our society trying to take advantage of them by selling them more drugs. 

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