Savannah, GA Drug Raids Put Six in Jail

view of arrest over top of police vehicle

A Chatham-Savannah narcotics team seized large quantities of illicit drugs as well as five handguns in a series of drug raids. Police discovered what they described as trafficking quantities of ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana as well as more than $10,000 in cash. The sting shut down several dealers operating in the Savannah, Georgia area.

Several of the offenders were also charged with child endangerment because there were children present in the house with the drugs.

Cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana abuse continues to be a problem in Savannah, Georgia. The number of drug abusers in Georgia continues to rise. This is because Savannah, Georgia drug rehabs aren’t able to keep up with the rising incidence of drug abuse in the area. More people are getting newly addicted than are getting effectively rehabilitated.

The only way this trend will stop is if government, law enforcement and the private sector work together to improve funding for drug rehabilitation centers and support broad drug prevention education. Only then can the drug problem in Savannah start to decline rather than continue to rise.

The problem is that for every dealer arrested in Savannah, someone is ready to take his place. Therefore, drug prevention and rehabilitation to enable a person to leave drugs behind are essential parts of the solution.

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