Two Methamphetamine Users in Fresno, California Killed in High-Speed Chase

Fresno city California Sign

According to Channel 6 News based out of San Diego, two car thieves that were shot and killed by California patrolmen were high on methamphetamine. This report came after a toxicology test conducted by the coroner of Fresno County.

Sharon Mello, 48, the driver of the car, also tested positive for morphine. Mello and her passenger, Keith Cervelli, 57, were shot and killed at the end of a high-speed chase. Mello had tried to run down several officers which prompted California Highway Patrol officers to open fire.

Methamphetamine users frequently go on binges of drug use order to prevent themselves from ever coming down from their high. Eventually, the addict gets to the point of physical and mental collapse. He (or she) may be paranoid and even violent. Unfortunately, what happened in Fresno, California is not the first time methamphetamine or crystal meth use has resulted in violent death.

Fresno, California drug rehabs report that crystal meth and powder methamphetamine are two of the toughest drugs to kick. Typical drug rehabs in Fresno and California have success in less than 10% of cases.

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