Birmingham, Alabama Doctor Nabbed for Drug Trafficking

Doctor Taking bribe

Jerry B. Hankins, a doctor running an opiate treatment clinic in Chelsea, Alabama (near Birmingham), was recently arrested on charges of unlawfully distributing and trafficking controlled substances.

Lt. Chris George, commander of the Drug Enforcement Task Force in Shelby County, Alabama, put it more succinctly: “This is a doctor who was handing out pills.”

The forty-four-year-old doctor was indicted by a grand jury and has posted $300,000 bond.

Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding area has a growing prescription drug abuse problem. This social problem is made worse by unscrupulous doctors who abuse the authority and trust placed in them by the American public in order to serve their own ends.

Someone like Hankins should face steep penalties for drug trafficking. If these doctors have more to lose then maybe they’ll think twice before stooping to the level of a common drug dealer.

Of course, in addition to the drugs that this doctor was arrested for dealing on the side, the opiate treatment clinic he was operating also dispenses addictive drugs legally to hundreds of Alabama drug addicts.

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Source: The Birmingham News