Minnesota Bans Designer Drugs

Designer drugs – another name for synthetic drugs invented in a laboratory – that mimic the effects of marijuana, LSD and other psychoactive substances have now been banned in Minnesota.

The battle over synthetic drugs is far from over, however. Criminal chemists continue to create new substances that are just different enough from the substances described in Minnesota law that they are not currently illegal. 

Unless the Minnesota legislature publishes broader definitions of controlled substances, this will continue to be an issue. By the time a new law works its way through the state legislature, chemists will have developed a still newer, legal synthetic drug.

Advocates for synthetics, mostly the Minnesota stores that sell them and addicts themselves, say that banning the drugs does nothing to stop people from getting them. In a way, they are right.

The ultimate solution to drug abuse is not a ban but educating youth into understanding that there is no need to depend upon drugs to get by in life. Teaching them how to handle life’s difficult situations helps them succeed without running to alcohol or a drug to escape the problem.

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