Alabama Legislature Considers Pseudoephedrine Restrictions

Alabama Skyline

According to the Times Daily, the Alabama Legislature is considering a bill making pseudoephedrine a controlled substance. The bill stipulates that numerous controls be attached to the purchase of any cold medicine containing the ingredient pseudoephedrine. If it passes, these cold medications with pseudoephedrine would no longer be available over the counter and would have to be prescribed by a doctor.

Says retired Marion County educator Don Jones, grassroots advocate for the bill, “Without pseudoephedrine, you can’t make meth. It’s that simple.” Jones has been on a campaign to get something done about the meth epidemic in Alabama for years. “We have a lot of support for it. We’re just sitting back and keeping our fingers crossed right now.”

According to Jones, “There were a billion pseudoephedrine products sold in the U.S. last year and 95% of those went to making meth and only five percent went to people who needed the medication.”

He cited similar bills already passed in Oregon and Mississippi. In both states, there were immediate drops in the number of meth labs seized after the bills passed.

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