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Washington, DC Drug Information

Throughout the District of Columbia and its suburban areas, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription opioids are the major threats. While cocaine use has dwindled across much of the U.S., in Washington, D.C., more adult arrestees tested positive for cocaine than any other drug. Admissions to addiction treatment for cocaine are second only to those for alcohol. Heroin admissions are just behind those for cocaine.

A new generation of D.C. heroin abusers is being created by the widespread abuse of opioids such as OxyContin and Vicodin. Many drug abusers turn to heroin after their prescription drug habit grows too expensive to continue. Heroin abuse is expected to rise in Washington, D.C. in the coming years as evidenced by this fact: seizures of painkillers are dropping while seizures of heroin are increasing.

Marijuana is the most widely abused of all drugs in the District, crossing socioeconomic, age and ethnic lines. More juveniles who are arrested test positive for marijuana than any other drug.

MDMA, Ketamine, GHB, crystal methamphetamine and various other hallucinogenic and stimulant drugs have been in demand and readily available in DC for almost a decade. PCP has a long history of higher-than-average levels of abuse in Washington, DC, and in the last few years with the increased interest in synthetic drugs that begin in 2010, it has once again become a significant problem of concern to law enforcement.

Spice, a nickname for synthetic cannabis, was the most commonly identified synthetic drug in the city. In one day in June 2015, eleven people overdosed on a type of synthetic cannabis nicknamed “bizarro.”

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Alcohol dependence in Washington, D.C. is almost twice as high as in the national average. However, only about 12% of those in addiction treatment are there for problems with alcohol alone. More than half seek treatment for drug problems without an accompanying problem with alcohol.

According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 83,000 Washington citizens over the age of 12 reported past month use of an illicit drug.

Additional survey results indicate that 54,000 Washington citizens reported abuse of or dependence on alcohol and approximately 21,000 reported problems with drug abuse. But of those who needed addiction help in Washington, D.C., only a little more than 8% found it, lower than the national average.