Hillsboro, Oregon:
Drug Abuse

Hillsboro, Oregon, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information

Hillsboro, Oregon has a population of 70,186 and is located in Washington County. The city lies in the Tualatin Valley along the Tualatin River on the west side of the Portland metropolitan area. High tech companies such as Intel call Portland home and drive the local economy. The area is sometimes known as the Silicon Forest.

Hillsboro’s Department of Parks and Recreation operates dozens of facilities including two sports complexes and 23 parks. The city offers golf courses, museums, art galleries, farmers’ markets, the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserves, venues for the arts and much more.

Hillsboro tends to rate higher than the national average in several crime rates including theft and arson. Hillsboro generally experiences the same drug problems as Portland since it is part of the greater metropolitan area.

Hillsboro, Oregon’s Drug Situation

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports methamphetamine is the biggest threat to this area. While marijuana is the most widely-abused drug and it is addictive for many, it is not associated with the same high rates of crime, immediate addiction and physical deterioration that are associated with methamphetamine.

On the other hand, marijuana cultivation, trafficking, and abuse present a different kind of threat. Among young people in Oregon, there’s a steadily increasing number that feels that occasional use of marijuana presents no great risk. An increase in this number is normally followed by an increase in rates of marijuana use among the young.

In 2015, Oregon legalized the recreational use of marijuana. In some areas that have already passed this law, there has been an increase in the number of homeless or marginal population that come to the area to find work in the marijuana industry or to be able to legally use the drug.

There is often an increase in property destruction or other crimes related to this unsettled population. In addition to licensed marijuana growers, Caucasian, Asian, and Mexican drug trafficking organizations are involved in the illicit cultivation, transportation and distribution of marijuana.

While cocaine is not found in large quantities, it is still often found among the drugs seized when drug dealers are arrested in Hillsboro and other parts of the Portland metropolitan area.

Heroin manufactured by Mexican cartel sources is found far too often in Hillsboro. Heroin is the drug most often associated with overdose deaths. More than 140 people died as a result of heroin use in 2011.

Methamphetamine abuse, trafficking, and manufacturing are major problems in Oregon. The most common form of methamphetamine seized is the crystal form referred to as “ice.”

Major traffickers in the area are usually associated with Mexican drug cartel operations in California or Texas or are directly tied to Mexican sources. Methamphetamine is the second-most-common drug to be associated with drug deaths. Each year, more than 100 people die due to their abuse of meth.

Hillsboro has two colleges and several trade schools, which means a higher population of young people in these areas. WIth a college-aged population, the use of party and nightclub drugs is more common. Drugs such as Ecstasy, GHB, ketamine, LSD and psilocybin are often used by these young people, as are synthetics such as synthetic cannabis (Spice/K2) or the very dangerous 25C-NBOMe, referred to as N-Bomb.

Prescription drugs are available for abuse, which among college and high school students bound for college may mean stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderall with the idea that these drugs may help them study. Too many students find these drugs addictive and damaging. A small and slightly growing number of people find themselves addicted to painkillers or these other prescription drugs and eventually seek rehab.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program

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Your loved one’s life—or your own—depends on the success of the drug rehab you choose. It could be the most important decision your family ever makes. But because of the desperation of the moment, families may simply base their decision on whether or not a rehab has an available bed.

Despite the time-critical nature of the choice, the success of the program is paramount. Families are smart to look closely at a rehab program and make sure they understand the steps and agree with its principles before committing.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

The location of a drug rehab is of vital importance. Many families have found it beneficial to send a person some distance from home to make their recovery. Distance takes an addicted person away from the people he or she used drugs with or bought drugs from and away from the usual reasons for use and places drugs were used.

For many people in recovery, running into an old drug dealer or drinking buddy has been the end of sobriety.

Running into a former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend who uses drugs can trigger memories of those times that drugs or alcohol were consumed.

Triggers can also be present in places where someone came to harm or even places like schools or businesses where failures occurred. The person struggling to recover might rather bury memories in some drug or alcohol use than think about those painful times.

Time away from home and all the problems addiction caused gives a person a chance to focus on recovery. The Narconon program takes each person through the steps that relieve guilt, reduce the past trauma and rebuild life skills, with careful help every step of the way. The result is that many people completing this program no longer consider themselves addicts but just proceed to build a new, constructive and productive life.

Our program provides people with positive circumstances to increase their chances of a successful recovery.

Narconon New Life Retreat Helps END Addiction and Alcoholism FOR GOOD.

Narconon New Life Retreat is a 24-hour facility that offers a safe place to build that new sober life. There are never any drugs administered as part of recovery. Instead, nutritional supplements are used to help the body detoxify drug residues remaining in the body and begin to correct deficiencies resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle.

A Narconon Program Graduate is someone:

  • Who has successfully completed the Narconon drug rehab program
  • Who has achieved relief from guilt over the harm done to self and others
  • Who has a brighter outlook and greater ability to think clearly after a deep, sauna-based detoxification
  • Who has a new and better understanding of the role of ethics and integrity in his or her own life
  • Who has gained improved decision-making skills to ease his way through life’s challenges

Call any time to speak with one of our counselors about our program.

We will take the time to answer your questions whether it be for yourself or a loved one.

It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.

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