Twin Falls, Idaho: Drug Abuse

Twin Falls, Idaho: Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information

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The Snake River Canyon forms Twin Falls city’s northern limits, separating it from Jerome County.

There are three waterfalls in this area: Shoshone Falls about five miles east of Twin Falls city, Pillar Falls 1.5 miles upstream from the Perrine Bridge, and Twin Falls is located upstream of Shoshone Falls.

Twin Falls began as an agricultural center, serving the pioneering families who homesteaded. The area continues to be one of the world’s most productive farming regions. However, urban development is growing at a faster pace. Twin Falls offers golf courses, parks, boating, rafting, water sports or all kinds, museums, fairs, art galleries and music venues from concert halls to outdoor jazz.

Twin Falls Idaho’s Drug Source

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that crystal methamphetamine (also called ice) is a widely abused drug in Idaho. Meth is a highly addictive substance, with only one use of the drug driving some people into addiction.

While at one time, domestic methamphetamine labs provided much of the supply, now Mexican drug cartels are bringing this product to the state. Still, around Boise in the northern part of the state and around Soda Springs there continue to be meth lab busts.

Twin Falls County has high rates of methamphetamine-related arrests, moderate levels of marijuana arrests and moderately low rates of prescription drug arrests.

Some marijuana is produced in indoor grow operations but mostly marijuana is produced on sophisticated outdoor grows on private, state and federal forest lands.

Between 2004 and 2012, the numbers of people seeking rehab for addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine and marijuana jockeyed back and forth, with meth leading the admissions one year and alcohol leading the next. In 2010, the three drugs were tied for admissions to rehab.

The Dwindling Spiral Will Continue

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A family may be baffled as to why an addicted person won’t stop using drugs or drinking as it’s so obvious to them that those habits are destructive.

The addicted individual is overwhelmed by his or her need for more of the addictive substance.

To the addict, getting more drugs or a drink of alcohol is as essential as breathing or being able to eat when starving. His sense of integrity and honor disintegrates in the face of the addiction. He can no longer make rational decisions about caring for himself or those he loves.

Many of the addicted wind up homeless and too many lose their lives.

But the dwindling spiral can come to an end. With the right rehab program, this decline can turn around into progress toward a new, sober, hopeful life.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program

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Is it necessary for a person to believe that he will always be an addict? Is it necessary to be given a substitute drug for the one the person was addicted to? Neither one of these practices has been found necessary at a Narconon drug rehab center.

At Narconon, there’s a procedure to help those in recovery regain the ability to think clearly again. And then much of the program is devoted to helping those in recovery relearn the life skills they will need to stay sober for the rest of their lives.

When the actual damage from addiction is repaired, then a person will not feel like an addict, nor will he need any substitute drugs.

Ask the staff of any rehab you are considering what they teach those on their programs. Will daily meetings be required after the program is complete? Will a person be given a list of prescription drugs to take as part of their recovery? You will find that the Narconon program is a complete approach to sobriety, requiring neither prescriptions nor meetings for long-term success.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

Many families look for rehab programs far away from home, just to get their loved one away from former drug dealers and drug-using associates. The Narconon New Life Retreat is located in a beautiful wooded setting, protected from the stresses of life, and is a place where a person can focus on a sober future without distraction.

Away from home, the individual can experience 24-hour support from experienced staff. He can focus on repairing the damage done by the years or even decades spent addicted.

A residential program offers most people the very best chance of success. Each person has left their most common triggers far behind—drug-using friends, drug dealers, places where drugs were used or perhaps where the person was arrested. These places can be dealt with when rehab is complete and the individual is stronger.

Our program provides people with the support and the sober-living education needed to give each person an excellent chance for a successful recovery. The great majority of students entering our program are from out of state or from other countries.

Narconon New Life Retreat Helps END Addiction and Alcoholism FOR GOOD.

The Narconon program steps consist of a deep detoxification process that helps remove the residual toxins from past drug use, a series of exercises that help restore hope and brightness to life and a series of life skills training courses.

Each person learns how to confront life and his problems and is given the tools to make rational, methodical choices—skills that were lost during addiction.

A Narconon Program Graduate is someone:

  • Who has successfully completed each step of the Narconon drug rehab program
  • Who has recovered a fresh, bright viewpoint and perception of the world
  • Who has increased his control over his thoughts and actions
  • Who has learned how to solve problems that might otherwise trigger the desire to use drugs

Call any time to speak with one of our counselors about our program. We will take the time to answer your questions whether it be for yourself or a loved one.

It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.

Call now.


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