Beaverton, Oregon:
Drug Abuse

Beaverton, Oregon has a population of 76,129 and is located in Washington County. The city lies in the Tualatin Valley west of Portland and it got its name from a nearby body of water with beaver dams.

There are plenty of open spaces in and around Beaverton for recreation. Lying just seven miles from Portland, it retains the feeling of a smaller community.

Beaverton’s farmers' markets and local vineyards add charm to the community, and its art galleries, golf courses and more than 100 parks offer cultural and recreational resources.

While Beaverton tends to rate lower than the national average in crime, it continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

Beaverton Oregon’s Drug Situation

The US Drug Enforcement Administration reports that marijuana—the most abused illegal drug in Oregon, is readily available. There are well over 10,000 medical marijuana growers in Oregon and plenty of their products make their way to the illicit market. With the legalization of recreational use in 2015, even more growers will be added to this list as the recreational market ramps up.

Although advocates of legalization claimed that this change of legislation would put drug traffickers out of business, law enforcement in the state reports that of outdoor grows that were eradicated, 97% were run by Mexican drug cartels and their employees. Asian criminal organizations are very commonly responsible for illicit indoor grows found along the West Coast.

Cocaine is a much smaller problem than it has been in the past. Of the six major types of drugs sending people to rehab, cocaine is sixth. Both prescription opiates and heroin send relatively small numbers to rehab in Oregon, but that number is climbing ominously.

While methamphetamine has long been a serious problem along the West Coast, its threat has declined recently and marijuana now sends more people to drug rehabs for recovery.

Although it does not make headlines, alcohol sends the most people to drug rehabs by far. More than 40% of all people in rehab are there primarily for help with alcoholism. Only about 25% of those in rehab are there for alcohol alone, however. The remainder needs help for either drug abuse or polydrug abuse that includes illicit drugs and alcohol.

The Dwindling Spiral Will Continue

Addiction is a brutal master that demands continued allegiance. Breaking away takes more effort than many addicted people possess. And so they need the support of an effective drug rehab center to change their lives and return to the way they were before drugs took hold of them.

For those of Beaverton, the Narconon program offers a way back to health, productivity, family and friends and self-respect. The compulsive hold that drugs or alcohol have on the addicted can be broken and they can regain their dignity and honor once again. There is hope for a drug-free recovery at Narconon.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program

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When families look for a drug or alcohol rehab program for a loved one, very often they are under so much pressure to solve the problem immediately that they may pick the first rehab that has a bed available. If their loved one does not find long-term recovery at that center, they will soon be looking for another rehab.

It pays to take a close look at any program that is chosen. It should be possible to understand the steps of the program and determine if they agree with the principles of the family.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

When an individual searches for his own rehab or a mother or father seeks to save the life of an addicted adult son or daughter, it can be tempting to choose a center close to home. It could be argued that it’s better for small children who can visit mom or dad while they’re in rehab. But for many people, this is not the best move.

A break from the people one always sees and the locations one passes every day enables a person in recovery to take a clean, uninfluenced look at his or her life. There are situations that must now be dealt with, relationships that must be repaired. A new life must be planned and brought into being.

The change of environment that occurs when a person travels away from home for rehab is an additional therapeutic factor. There are far fewer influences that might cause a person to want to use drugs or alcohol again. This gives a chance to reshape life into a new, sober form so that new challenges can be taken on.

Recovery is made up of more than sobriety. It also includes having a safe place to live, something productive to do, maintaining positive relationships with family and community and holding a job or going to school. By stepping back from the disasters resulting from addiction, a person has the chance to gain the life skills that make all these improvements possible.

If a family argues that the children should be able to see mom or dad while they are in rehab, then consider that being away might give mom or dad the best chance to go through all the changes that will make them the best parent possible when rehab is done.

Narconon New Life Retreat Helps END Addiction and Alcoholism FOR GOOD.

While on the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, each person repairs the damage done by addiction and boosts his abilities to live a productive, sober life.

The process starts with nutritional and one-on-one support through a drug-free withdrawal which many people say is the most tolerable one they have ever experienced.

A sauna-based drug detox follows that helps bring back the brightness of life. While addicted, life looks hopeless and gray but after this detox, clearer thinking and a brighter outlook are often commented on.

It is then time to sharpen one’s perceptions and ability to confront and deal with life, followed by practical, valuable life-skills training.

All these changes take time—six to eight weeks on average—though some people may need longer. For most people, the typical 28-day program is not long enough to build new skills and brighten one’s outlook and ability to stay sober. The Narconon program is complete when a person has successfully completed the lessons, not when a deadline is reached.

Learn more about how the Narconon program enables its graduates to live productive lives without reliance on any substitute medications.

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It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.

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