Edmond, Oklahoma—Drug Abuse

Edmond, Oklahoma

Edmond, Oklahoma: Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information

Edmond, Oklahoma has a population of 68,315 and is located in Oklahoma County in the center of the state. Edmond offers dozens of parks, golf courses and lakes for recreational activities. The city also has museums, art galleries and venues for the performing arts.

Edmond tends to rate lower than the national average in most crime rates. However, Edmond continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

Edmond Oklahoma’s Drug Situation

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As is true across Oklahoma, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug. Despite the belief many people have that marijuana is not likely to create addiction, some years it is the number two drug sending people to drug rehabs in the state. Every year, the number one drug is alcohol. It doesn’t make the headlines but ruins lives nonetheless.

Methamphetamine vies with marijuana as one of the top drugs sending Oklahomans to rehab. Between 2002 and 2007 and again in 2012, meth sent the second-highest number of Oklahomans to rehab.

Despite the upscale appearances of most Edmond neighborhoods, drug arrests happen every month in this town. The majority of them are for considerable quantities of marijuana but some arrests result in seizure of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or prescription drugs.

Edmond is a suburb of Oklahoma City which is a major distribution hub for drugs moving from the Mexico border to major northern and northeast cities. SInce Edmond is located right on the edge of Oklahoma City, there is never any problem with supply.

At any one time, there are more than 16,000 people in drug rehabs in the state. Some 3,000 people are receiving treatment with methadone or buprenorphine, which may help them abstain from criminal and dangerous activities but it keeps each individual impaired by an addictive substance.

The Narconon program has a different approach to recovery. Each person is guided through the steps that enable them to live completely sober lives, free from any kind of intoxicant—even prescribed ones.

The Dwindling Spiral Will Continue


Families see what’s happening with their addicted loved ones. Gradually, the addictive individual loses the ability to maintain personal integrity, self-respect and so much more. Relationships deteriorate. Jobs or careers suffer damage or destruction. Health also declines. Honesty and responsibility are gone.

The family and sometimes the addicted person watches this deterioration in horror, afraid of where it will lead. As the danger increases, the family begins looking for a drug rehab that can solve the problems. For tens of thousands of people around the world, Narconon has been that answer.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program

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Families, or an individual seeking treatment, may rely on a drug rehab to tell them what the acceptable result of that rehab program is.

It’s important to realize that many rehab centers feel that a relapse to using drugs or drinking again is an acceptable outcome.

The center may count as successes those people who complete the period of rehab—for example, the full 28-day program. A methadone program will consider among its successes those people who stay on the prescription for methadone every day. The same with a buprenorphine distribution program.

The intention of the Narconon program is to enable the addicted to find new, sober lives after rehab and to have the skills to maintain those lives, day after day.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

By choosing a location that is far from home, families—or the addicted person himself—give him or her the best chance for a solid recovery. By being away from one’s usual home town, a person has a chance to get away from all the usual things that might trigger the use of drugs or alcohol.

Places where something disturbing happened, businesses where a job was lost, the school where he failed classes, a shopping center where he got arrested for drugs or theft: being around these locations can trigger the desire to use drugs again. If the addict runs into his or her old drug dealer or former drug-using girlfriend or boyfriend, that connection could tip the scales in favor of using marijuana, heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine again.

When a person gets a little distance between himself and his past, he can approach every day with objectivity. He has a little time in which he can build new skills with which to confront these events and places. This change of environment is a helpful addition to therapy for each person.

Narconon New Life Retreat Helps END Addiction and Alcoholism FOR GOOD.

Everything a person needs for his recovery is right here at Narconon New Life Retreat. There are dining facilities, classrooms for the life skills study, areas for recreation including a game room and swimming pool, accommodations for each person in recovery, and administration areas.

A Narconon Program Graduate is someone:

  • Who has successfully completed the Narconon drug rehab program
  • Who understands how some people undermine an individual’s ability to stay sober and how they can be dealt with to render them harmless
  • Who has learned how personal integrity can be lost and how it can be regained again
  • Who has brightened his outlook and sharpened his perceptions of his current environment
  • Who has learned how to make drug-free decisions in his own life.

Call any time to speak with one of our counselors about our program. We will take the time to answer your questions whether you are searching for help for yourself or a loved one.

It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life. Call now.