Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

People from all over Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, come to our drug rehab program because it provides them with the chance for lasting sobriety.

We provide a drug-free, innovative drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for people from Pittsburgh who are looking for a permanent end to addiction. Find out more about how we can help by contacting us today.

Formerly known for its steel industry, today, the economy revolves around healthcare, education, technology, fashion and financial services. Forbes Magazine listed Pittsburgh in 2008 as the 13th best city for young professionals to live.

Pittsburgh is home to the Pirates of the National Baseball League who have won five World Series, the Steelers of the National Football League, and the Penguins of the National Hockey League.

Pittsburgh tends to rate higher than the National Average in crime rates including murder, burglary, and car theft and the city continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

In the city of Pittsburgh, there is an increased need for effective drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment centers as drug and alcohol use continues to escalate.

Drug use erodes the quality of life not only for the user but for their families and communities. Marriages and families are torn apart by mistrust, betrayal, fear and anger. Careers are ruined; companies lose millions of dollars in lost productivity.

The quality of life in cities and towns is damaged by the increased crime and violence that accompanies drug trafficking. Despite these overwhelming problems, it is possible to help a person leave all this behind. Our help is available.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Drug Information

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that powder cocaine remains one of the drugs of choice, however, it is not sending as many people to rehab as it has in years past. Most of the time, cocaine in powder form is cooked into crack cocaine.

Marijuana remained abundantly available in both wholesale and retail quantities in Pennsylvania. In western Pennsylvania, marijuana abundance was attributed to the continued use of commercial shipping companies to transport it as well as the existence of growing operations in the area.

South American heroin remained widely available in Pennsylvania as distributors continued to target new customers in smaller towns and rural areas. While of all the illicit drugs, heroin sends the most people to rehab, prescription opiate addiction threatens to overtake heroin in terms of the number of people sent to rehab from that drug.

Methamphetamine is still available in Pennsylvania, but the major concentration of problems lies with alcohol, marijuana, heroin and cocaine.

Current investigations indicate that diversion of hydrocodone products such as Vicodin, oxycodone products such as OxyContin, fentanyl (such as Actiq), and pseudoephedrine continues to be a problem in Pennsylvania.

Primary methods of diversion being reported are illegal sale and distribution by health care professionals and workers, “doctor shopping” (going to a number of doctors to obtain prescriptions for a controlled pharmaceutical), forged prescriptions, and the Internet.

Anti-anxiety drugs such as diazepam and alprazolam were also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Pennsylvania.

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The number of workable drug abuse solutions in Pittsburgh, PA are unfortunately very limited, as most programs don’t provide enough time for a person to heal from past drug use and then learn new sober living skills. This is why so many people in Pittsburgh looking for a successful drug rehab program are turning to the the Narconon New Life Retreat for answers.

In the State of Pennsylvania—and specifically in the city of Pittsburgh—the effects of drug and alcohol abuse surpass the damage done to the addicts themselves.

Time is lost on the job. The health system is inundated by illness and overdoses. Communities are harmed by the crime rate caused by addicts looking to steal anything in order to get their next fix and families are living a nightmare as they watch helplessly while their loved one self destructs.

The rollercoaster of emotions, concern and anger seems like a never-ending ride the addict puts his friends and family through.

Failures in the past with drug rehab centers further numb the addict to any hope of a future without drugs. It truly can appear hopeless. But there is hope at Narconon New Life Retreat.

Discover why a person who has failed at prior rehabs can find real hope of a sober future here. Call us today to learn how the Narconon program has helped tens of thousands of people around the world leave drugs behind.