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People from all over Pennsylvania including Philadelphia come to our drug rehab program in Louisiana because it effectively helps a person gain the skills to stay sober.

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Philadelphia is the largest city in the state and the sixth most populous in the country. It was here that the founding fathers drafted documents establishing America’s independence.

Philadelphia served as the nation’s first capital during much of the Revolutionary War and then again while the newly-designated Federal City was constructed (now known as Washington D.C.) between 1790 and 1800.

Philadelphia has a wealth of sports events including major football, hockey, baseball and basketball teams. There are dozens of national historical monuments and sites including Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. There are numerous museums, art galleries and performing arts centers. In fact, Philadelphia has more public art than any other American City.

On the downside, Philadelphia tends to rate higher than the National Average in crime rates including murder, robbery and car theft. Philadelphia also has an ongoing and very longstanding problem with drugs.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Drug Information

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that the primary drug threats to this area are heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, and marijuana. 

Heroin is the biggest threat among these and is expected to become a bigger threat as it penetrates the suburbs around Philadelphia. The purity of the heroin on the market means that use of the drug has the potential to cause an overdose for anyone who uses it.

Most of the drugs in the area come from Mexico and make their way into the Philadelphia region. Many prescription drug abusers, particularly young ones, are priced out of the local pill market and so turn to heroin for their fixes, which can prove fatal.

Marijuana is the most broadly used drug in the area. Both commercial-grade marijuana from Mexico and domestically-produced higher grade products are available in Philadelphia. As more U.S. states legalize both the medical and recreational use of marijuana, it becomes more common for the drug to be picked up in a state where it’s legal and trucked into a state where it’s not legal.

This drug has its own power to addict the user. In 2011 (the most recent year for which we have information), marijuana sent almost as many people to rehab as heroin. Only alcohol sent more, averaging about 40% of those seeking rehabilitation in Pennsylvania.

When Pennsylvania adolescents are compared to the national average, a higher number of them binge drink (consume an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time) and a slightly lower number of them use illicit drugs or abuse prescription drugs.

At any point in time, there are more than 57,000 Pennsylvanians involved in substance use treatment—a number that increases every year. Only a very small number—less than 14%—go to rehab for alcohol alone. All the rest are there for help with either drug abuse alone or drug and alcohol abuse. Less than 7% of those needing help for alcohol dependence or abuse were able to find it.

For fifty years, the Narconon program has been helping those who have lost everything to addiction return to a productive, sober life. On six continents, some fifty Narconon centers help a person in recovery repair the damage from addiction and learn new skills before sending them home.

For that reason, there is no set time limit for the Narconon program. A person graduates when the educational and therapeutic steps of this program have effectively changed him and his life.

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When Philadelphia families have a loved one who’s struggling with addiction, the search for a rehab that will turn things around can be a desperate one. Without knowing what their choices are, a family may simply choose a rehab center close to home. Families from all over the country have decided on Narconon New Life Retreat as the best choice to help their loved one because we were able to explain to them how this program offers an alternative to conventional treatment programs.

For one thing, no drugs will ever be given during this program. (If a person needs medication for a medical condition, then of course, that medication would continue throughout the program.) There are no substitutes of one addictive drug for the one or ones the person was indulging in before arrival at Narconon. (For example, substituting Suboxone or methadone for heroin or illicitly-obtained painkillers).

The Narconon program uses a social education model in that it teaches each person life skills they will need to resist the temptation to use drugs in the future.

It’s essential that each person becomes skilled in facing other people and situations, despite conflict or difficulty, and being able how to resolve them with simple solutions. This is one of the ways that a person graduating from the Narconon program is proofed against relapse.

Another factor that makes Narconon different from other rehabs is that no one is ever told that he or she will always be an addict and is powerless against addiction.

Many of our graduates tell us that it was possible for them to maintain a productive, enjoyable life after graduation and not even think about drug or alcohol use anymore. This is why families and individuals far from our location in Louisiana choose us for the vitally important task of drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

If you need to find a rehab for yourself or a loved one, call us and let us explain just how our program works to help the addicted leave that life and those choices behind and start building a healthy new life.

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