Columbus, Ohio:
Drug Abuse

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio has a population of 711,470 and is located in Franklin County.

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio and its economy revolves around the federal, state and local governmental employers, as well as education, health care, technology, and finance.

The capital is also home to two public colleges—Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. The city of Columbus has dozens of museums, art galleries and venues for the performing arts.

The capital hosts the Ohio State Fair every year, one of the largest state fairs in the country. However, Columbus also has an ongoing and very serious drug problem.

Columbus, Ohio Drug Information

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Columbus is in the midst of an epidemic of heroin use and overdoses.

From Mexico, black tar heroin is transported directly to Columbus and other Ohio cities. After years of the overprescribing of prescription drugs, those who have come to rely on these pharmaceutical opioids now rely on these impure shipments of drugs from Mexico with their erratic levels of potency.

While the most serious threat in Columbus is heroin, all the major of drugs of abuse are available. However, drugs that were serious threats ten years ago—like methamphetamine or coaine—now take a back seat to the damage being done by prescription opioids and heroin.

The problem started with liberal prescribing of pain medication by medical doctors and dentists. Millions of pills got into circulation—far more than were actually needed for pain. Some people became addicted after using them as directed and others took a few out of medicine chests for recreational purposes and thought the warm and euphoric feeling they got was better than being sober.

But reliance on opioids (partially or fully synthetic drugs similar to opium) makes changes in a person’s personality, as any family that loves an addicted person knows. In fact, the changes can come from any kind of drug: methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, synthetics, stimulants and more. Once that change occurs, it’s like the loving, caring person the family knew is now gone.

How do they get him back?

They get their loved one back by finding a drug rehab for him (or her) that does not give him more drugs. After being at some conventional drug rehabs, a person can come home with prescriptions for between two and six drugs.

The Narconon program is different. It’s designed to help a person learn how to lead a productive, sober life after rehab without any substitute drugs

There are ten drug rehabs in Columbus and there will be more support groups using Twelve Step principles.

Most of the rehabs are outpatient programs. Many of these will utilize Twelve Step guidelines.

Some of them will evaluate every patient to determine what medication they should be on. The Narconon program never administers drugs as part of the recovery. The only drugs that might exist would be ones that are properly prescribed by a medical practitioner for a physical condition. Instead, the Narconon program relies on nutritional support at different parts of the program.

When a person first enters a Narconon rehab, he’s immediately given nutritional supplements that help the body throw off the effects of the drugs he was taking before arrival.

It’s generally a rule that an addicted person will neglect his own diet, nutritional needs and overall health. This is one of the factors that can aggravate a person’s withdrawal. Calcium, magnesium and plentiful B vitamins all help calm the anxiety, cramps and dark outlook during withdrawal.

Gentle reorientation exercises help a person become more objective about his situation which means he can focus more on the present and future and less on the trauma of the past.

Nutritional support is also an aid during the New Life Detoxification Program, a person’s first step after they complete withdrawal.

This step utilizes time sweating in a dry-heat sauna and combines that with moderate exercise and a strict regimen of nutritional supplements. This combination has proven to extract old drug toxins from fatty tissue where they are stored and wash them away with the sweat. A brighter outlook results, along with the ability to think more clearly.

The entire Narconon program is uniquely designed to be effective in bringing about greatly improved abilities to live a productive, sober and enjoyable life after graduation.

When a person feels better sober than he did on drugs and when he no longer has to hide from life behind intoxicating substances, he will find that being sober has more appeal for him.

Teach him effective communication skills and problem-solving skills and he has his best chance of lasting recovery.

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