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People from all over Pennsylvania, including Allentown, come to our drug rehab program because it works. If you are looking for a successful rehabilitation center for yourself or a loved one from Allentown, PA, contact us today.

Allentown, Pennsylvania has a population of 106,632 and is located on the Lehigh River. This charming city has dozens of parks, golf courses, stadiums, performing arts venues, museums, art galleries and theaters. Recreational opportunities are year-round.

While Allentown tends to rate lower than the national average in crime rates it continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

Americans in Allentown deserve the right to raise their children and operate their businesses in a healthy, drug-free environment. Allentown families need help to achieve this goal.

Right now, too many families are suffering from the heartbreak that results from an addicted loved one or, worse yet, death due to drug overdose or related injury. Businesses also struggle with the loss of productive employees, theft, on-the-job injuries and other adverse effects of drinking or drug use by employees.

Allentown, Pennsylvania:
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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and other government agencies report that heroin and prescription drugs are an increasing threat in Allentown, Pennsylvania. But the drug that sends the most people to rehabs across the state is consistently alcohol.

The destruction that alcohol can do is often overlooked when the news headlines only talk about overdose deaths. Far more people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere die from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption than any other drug.

Because it takes longer and sometimes is more indirect—for example, causing cancer or liver failure—alcohol may attract less attention than a heroin overdose which can kill in seconds.

The marijuana shipments arriving in Allentown in greater quantities these days can also be overlooked as a major source of problems. As more states approve the use of marijuana for ostensible medical use, it can be forgotten that for many people, marijuana was the first illicit drug they ever used.

Once the novelty of marijuana wears off, too many people look for their next drug experience which might be heroin, a crushed painkiller or perhaps the methamphetamine that is increasingly available in Allentown.

Mexican drug traffickers join Dominicans and other ethnic groups in bringing drugs to Eastern Pennsylvania. Since the city is so close to both New York City and Philadelphia, it’s not hard for anyone in Allentown to acquire any drug they might be interested in. Drugs may come across the southern border or through the Caribbean to arrive in urban centers and then be ferried to smaller cities like Allentown.

Law enforcement officers work hard to eliminate the drug problem by investigating and arresting those who conspire to bring in large quantities of drugs. Arrests for distributing marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin are frequent.

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There are several drug rehab centers in Allentown, mostly located in Old Allentown. Most of them are outpatient and rely on other drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine or Vivitrol—a drug intended to prevent the intoxicating effects of opiates.

When rehab depends on the use of another drug, then a person is not helped to recover their sobriety. When they are constantly affected by an addictive substance like methadone or buprenorphine, they miss the enjoyment of life that comes from being 100% drug-free.

Enabling our clients to live 100% intoxicant-free has always been the goal of the Narconon drug rehab program. For fifty years, the emphasis has been on teaching people how to face life without flinching or escaping into drugs or alcohol. There is even a deep detoxification step of the program that many people say helps reduce cravings for drugs.

When you are searching for drug rehab in Allentown, consider the benefit of sending your loved one further from home and further from the influences that might encourage him or her to use drugs or drink in excess again. At our facility in Louisiana, our clients learn how to make the drug-free decisions that guide them to a lasting, sober future.

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