Erie, Pennsylvania:
Drug Abuse

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People from all over Pennsylvania, including Erie, come to our drug rehab program because it works.

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We provide an alternative to conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Rather than limiting a person’s stay to 30 days, each person graduates from this program when they have the skills to remain sober after they go home.

Erie, Pennsylvania has a population of 103,717 and is located in Erie County on the shores of Lake Erie. Formerly known for its heavy industry, Erie’s economy now revolves around plastics and building locomotives, with a greater reliance on tourism. Annually, more than four million people visit Presque Isle State Park for water recreation and its new casino.

Erie has an abundance of outdoor activities throughout the year. On the cultural front, Erie offers several professional and semi-professional performing arts groups. There are dozens of museums and art galleries along with venues for music.

Erie tends to rate higher than the national average in crime rate including robbery and arson and it continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

Erie, Pennsylvania: Drug Information

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Drug arrests in Erie involve a wide range of drugs. In one recent raid, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Erie was found to be involved in distributing supplies of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine—a drug not widely found in Pennsylvania. Another drug arrest involved the distribution of a half-million dollars worth of marijuana to Erie and one of its college campuses.

In terms of what sends the most people to rehab programs, alcohol tops other drugs. Every year with around 20,000 people being admitted.

Following alcohol most years is heroin but the third place drug is no longer cocaine. It’s been replaced by marijuana which is mostly shipped across the southern border of the U.S. As cocaine distribution declines, the number of people going to rehab for painkillers has been increasing.

The channels to get heroin into Philadelphia, and thus to every corner of Pennsylvania, are long established. Asian heroin has largely been replaced by drugs coming from South America, usually by way of Mexico or the Caribbean. Of course, the prescription painkillers, tranquilizers and cough medicine that are frequently abused in this state come from any local drug store.

Previously, heavy drug distribution was limited to major cities with a deteriorating inner core, but in the last several years, heroin, synthetics and marijuana supplies have made their way into every suburban corner of the state. Health departments have declared drug abuse—especially of painkillers and heroin—an epidemic that damages every size of community in Pennsylvania.

Drug arrests in the state continue to result in the seizure of pound-quantities of cocaine and marijuana, plus bags of Ecstasy pills and other synthetics, prescription drugs and heroin. These drugs circulating through the Erie area make it a dangerous place to try to raise children drug-free.

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The number of workable drug abuse solutions in Erie, PA is unfortunately very few, as most programs limit the length of time people can stay. When their 30-day period is up in many rehab centers, their clients leave whether they are ready or not. This is why so many people in Erie looking for a successful drug rehab program are turning to the Riverbend Retreat for answers.

In the State of Pennsylvania, and specifically in the city of Erie, too many people are losing their way due to the presence of so many addictive substances.

Families that never expected to be suffering the effects of addiction are losing young members to overdoses of heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone or fentanyl. For every 100,000 people who live in the state, nearly 20 are lost to drug overdoses each year. Effective drug rehabilitation is needed to put the brakes on this loss of life and restore health to the individuals and communities.

The goal of any family sending a loved one to rehab is the same: getting that person back sober, healthier, and able to maintain a productive life after coming home. However, some rehabs consider their successes to be people who complete their 30-day programs or who show up every day for their dose of methadone and when a person goes through recovery only to relapse and return to another rehab, hearts are broken all over again.

The Narconon program is designed to help a person learn the life skills to manage their decisions and actions after going home and thereby maintain sobriety.

Learn how the Narconon program has helped tens of thousands of people in its fifty-year history to leave addiction behind, replacing it with a bright, new life of hope.